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British Non-Binary pop artist JRDS 

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The Story up to now...

Living in Hollywood since the start of summer 2018, JRDS began working on captivating a platform through social media and performing shows such as Santa Monica Pride, The Viper Room, The Globe Theatre, and more all independently, as well as catwalk modelling for The Unapologetic Co. at LA Fashion week 2019. Also in 2019, JRDS Publicly came out as non-binary.


JRDS released 4 Singles in 2019 and 1 EP titled “Ocean Fires” on Valentine's Day 2020 recording the vocals for "Sober" at BeatFreak Recording Studio in Curaçao. In 2020, JRDS Released "Shoot on a Star" with Cameron Frittz which placed number 19 on Spotify Hits "Born In The USA" Playlist, as well as gaining over 50,000 streams on Spotify alone. In total, JRDS gained 100k streams in 2020 across streaming platforms. In 2021, JRDS Released their debut album "Endorphins and Nicotine" gaining over 150k streams across streaming platforms and an upcoming tour in the works.

Some Noteworthy credits:


- Released 8 singles, 1 EP  and 1 Album on streaming platforms. 

- 200k+ streams across streaming platforms 

- Performed at Santa Monica Pride 2019.

- Performed at The Viper Room. 

- Featured on The Los Angeles Tribune, Medium, Xttrawave, JukeBox Times, Just Fame and More.


- Walked at LA Fashion Week 2019, on behalf on Unapologetic Co.

Reality TV: 

- Guest star on Men Of West Hollywood.

- Re-occuring guest on Endemol’s Big Brother's Big Makeover 2013


- Guest star on SAG film "Woman With The Pearl Earring" 

- Cast in a LGBT IGTV show "QueerTalk" for entire season one.


- Band manager of "Evil Engine" in Chicago. 2016-2017

- Artist Relations/ Liaison and crew for Justin Bieber, Tinie Tempah, Queen + Adam Lambert, Nicki Minaj and more. 

- Stage Manager for Nicki Minaj, Apple Keynote 2019, DJ Snake, Migos, JLo and more.


followed: A Docu-Series Season 1


Growing Up & Education

Less than a year after being born into a negligent and substance-abuse filled world in South Shields, UK, JRDS’ life took a life-changing turn of four years in the care system due to parental abandonment, until a spark of hope which gave 5-year old JRDS the chance to find the light of love in the dark, when "mum" & "dad" was given a forever meaning. From then, after a turbulent childhood defined by coming to terms with their sexuality and gender identity, relentless coming-of-age abuse at the inception of cyber-bullying mixed with a large dosing of feeling ultimately lost, JRDS turned to music to process thoughts and feelings. Music saved JRDS’ life.


As I was growing up I was the weird kid walking down the street singing to themselves to process my thoughts, then when I got home I wrote it down and created a demo out of it. I wouldn’t be here without those demos.” - JRDS

By using music to survive tougher times, JRDS formed an unbreakable bond and began existing around music in many forms, both performing and production, simultaneously working in front and behind the camera. After graduating from High School at St. George’s Academy Sleaford, JRDS went on to study Sound Engineering at Grantham College, then progressed to graduate with a BA in Live Events Production from Backstage Academy. During their studies, JRDS simultaneously worked as either a Sound Engineer, Local Crew, or Artist Relations in arenas all throughout the UK, while working with artists that truly inspired them, such as Justin Bieber, Little Mix, Queen + Adam Lambert,  and Troye Sivan, continuously writing music for themselves and performing at open mics in small venues around Yorkshire.


The road to JRDS...


In 2016 JRDS began managing Evil Engine, A Chicago-based Punk-Rock band: 


Moving away from my small home town and home country exposed me to so many different types of people, lives, and avenues. Seeing that made me say to myself: I need to be bigger, I need to be unapologetically myself.”  - JRDS


Also in 2016, JRDS found love. Unbelievably breathtaking, unmistakable love that led to marriage. But with that self-destructive backpack on, JRDS ultimately pushed Mr. Right to Mr. Not them, just after relocating from Chicago, IL, to pursue music in Los Angeles, CA, which led to a divorce in November 2018. The "Ocean Fires" EP was ignited from those sparks, while drowning in an ocean of life-defining tears.  “All my music on this Album has this mainstream modern pop vibe, but all the tracks have an underlying message, it all has a double meaning, I want you to be able to listen to it a dozen times and every time you find a new feeling from it.”

Influences and The Future...

Influenced by Ke$ha, Betty Who, Prince, David Bowie, P!nk, and Troye Sivan, JRDS is intrigued by individuals that flash their unique DNA to the world. “Everybody has a paintbrush on my canvas. everyone has something to teach me. You’re not just a painting that you make alone, you’re a collage made up of every conversation, every collaboration, every accidental brush of a hand from someone else’s story.” The Impact JRDS wants to have on other people with their music is to recreate the impact that music had on them. They hope that through their music, others can feel understanding, connection and through those connections find the comfort to know that they’re not alone.


JRDS is looking forward to working hard to create content worthy of being eternally proud of, as an adopted Non-Binary Recording Artist with Cerebral Palsy. 


I want to give back to the people who used to be me. There is no other option, because if I give myself another option, I’m saying it’s alright to turn my back on everyone who’s had to fight my fight and everyone who has it worse. The only solace that I found in a hurricane of pain was music. My hope is that my music can provide that shelter for another lost and lonely kid… that my actions can give them a better start than I had.” - JRDS


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